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Tooth Whitening Plaque - A visible dental problem
One of the easiest problems to spot is a build-up of plaque. Plaque is the soft, sticky layer of bacteria, which is constantly forming on the teeth.
Usually it is invisible to the naked eye, but when a person is not brushing adequately, it can build up to where it appears to be a thick whitish coating on the teeth at the gum line. If not removed, it can lead to gum disease.
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Are you looking for a Van Nuys Invisalign® dentist? Your search is over. Michael D Kosdon DDS is one of the premier dental practices in the Van Nuys California area.
Dr. Michael D Kosdon provides quality Van Nuys Invisalign® dentistry in a comfortable, relaxed environment.
Find a top Van Nuys Invisalign® dentist. Excellent Van Nuys Invisalign® dentists are hard to find. Dr. Michael D Kosdon provides quality Van Nuys Invisalign® dentistry.
Dr. Kosdon has been providing Van Nuys Invisalign® dentistry for many years. Of all the Van Nuys Invisalign® dentists in the area, the doctor is considered one of the premier Van Nuys Invisalign® dentists.
If you want to learn more about Van Nuys Invisalign® dentistry and Dr. Kosdon's credentials as a Van Nuys Invisalign® dentist, click here.
Michael D Kosdon DDS
Dr. Michael D Kosdon
10545 Victory Boulevard
North Hollywood, CA 91606
(818) 763-7774
Invisalign® Dentist
In Van Nuys California and the surrounding
North Hollywood - Burbank - Sherman Oaks - Los Angeles CA areas.





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